Welcome to Panama

Panama is a large isthmus with many places of great cultural and touristic value that can be explored. The unique Panamanian geographical position on a narrow strip between the Pacific and Caribbean ocean has sealed Panama’s history. With the Panama Canal and its very particular location, Panama has become the epicenter of cultural diversity. Many things can be explored in all the Country.



  • Low cost of living for foreigners.
  • The dollar as a currency.
  • The best retired benefit program in the world.



  • One of the most stable economies in Latin America.
  • International trade in goods and cultures.
  • Panamanians are peaceful, friendly and fun people.
  • Reliable transport systems.
  • Affordable health and quality health care services.
  • Best purchases in Latin America.
  • Internet and telecommunications high-speed services.
  • Flourishing banking and financial services.




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