About us


Panamatour.it is the result of an initiative that was born after six years that I live in Italy. I am Italian-Panamanian, born in Panama, and in these years, I have noticed that every time an European person asked me where I am from, and I answer from Panama, many of them did not know where is Panama, or the beauties of my country offered in terms of tourism, or the many commercial opportunities that can be made in Panama.

It is so, that one day I decide to create a web page to offer information to foreigners who wish to visit our country. Proudly Panamanian, I want Panama to be known in every single corner of this planet, that is why, I contribute my bit, to increase tourism and make this may be possible.

As we say: “Panama is the bridge of the world, heart of the Universe”, this is the reason because Panama feels honored and happy every time a foreigner visits us.

My goal is to offer my advice, information and all my goodwill to whoever want to go to Panama feels at home. We offer our help to program the tour where you want to visit, giving you options of hotels, activities, transportation and tourist sites.

Panamatour.it is proud to serve you and will be present for any query that the tourist wishes to know.



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